Wat is Ped Pod?

Ped Pod is een verzamelsite van kindergeneeskundige podcasts. In de tabel vindt u een lijst podcasts van recent verschenen podcasts. U kunt de podcasts online beluisteren of downloaden en ze op andere apparaten afspelen.


Datum Bron Onderwerp Door Toegevoegd Beluister
2016-05-24The SGEMSGEM#155: Girls Just Want To Have Fun Not AppendicitisDaam Hoogendijk2016-05-30
2016-05-19Nature PediapodParticipatory research: Getting children involvedDaam Hoogendijk2016-05-30
2016-03-17Nature PediapodPreterm diagnostics: The SafeboosC II trialDaam Hoogendijk2016-04-09
2016-03-02BMJ PodcastManagement of Crohn's Disease - Mark Beattie interviews Richard RussellDaam Hoogendijk2016-04-09
2016-03-01BMJ PodcastManagement of Ulcerative Colitis - Mark Beattie interviews Richard RussellDaam Hoogendijk2016-04-09
2016-02-01BMJ PodcastFetal and Neonatal: Hypoglycaemia and hyperglycaemia in relation to hypoxic ischaemic encephalopathyDaam Hoogendijk2016-02-25
2016-01-01BMJ PodcastFetal and Neonatal: The attitudes of Neonatologists towards extremely preterm infantsDaam Hoogendijk2015-02-25
2015-12-01BMJ PodcastChildren's palliative care in low- and middle-income countriesDaam Hoogendijk2015-12-03
2015-11-19Nature PediapodBrain damage: Are stem cells safe?Daam Hoogendijk 2015-12-03
2015-11-01BMJ PodcastLife-Limiting and Life-Threatening Conditions in Children: a Framework for PracticeDaam Hoogendijk2015-12-03
2015-10-15The SGEMSGEM#132: One Balloon for Otitis Media with EffusionDaam Hoogendijk2015-12-03
2015-09-24Nature PediapodCaffeine in prematurity: Friend or foe?Daam Hoogendijk2015-10-05
2015-09-13The SGEMSGEM#127: Suspicious Minds vs. Clinical Prediction Rule in Children with TraumaDaam Hoogendijk 2015-10-05
2015-08-12BMJ podcastTachypnoea in a well baby: what to do next?Daam Hoogendijk2015-08-20
2015-07-23Nature PediapodGut bacteria in preterm babiesDaam Hoogendijk2015-09-03
2015-07-21BMJ podcastIsotonic and hypotonic fluids in paediatric practiceDaam Hoogendijk2015-08-20
2015-06-11The SGEMSGEM#124: Ultrasound for Skull Fractures - Little BonesDaam Hoogendijk2015-07-02
2015-05-21Nature Pediapod Baby learns to breatheDaam Hoogendijk2015-07-02
2015-04-25PEM ED PodcastPediatric Syncope Part Deux...Still Fell OutDaam Hoogendijk 2015-07-02
2015-03-26Nature PediapodWhat causes 'false brain tumor'Daam Hoogendijk2015-04-26
2015-03-22The SGEMSGEM#112: Bang Your Head Paediatric ConcussionsDaam Hoogendijk2015-04-26
2015-02-03PEM ED PodcastPediatric Syncope, DFO ~ Done Fell OutDaam Hoogendijk2015-06-04
2015-02-03Nature PediapodChild health: Nature and nurture Daam Hoogendijk2016-02-25
2015-02-02BMJ podcastThe Millennium Development Goals: 15 years inDaam Hoogendijk2015-03-15
2015-02-01BMJ podcastFebruary 2015's ADC highlightsDaam Hoogendijk2015-03-15
2015-01-22Nature PediapodGetting the dose rightDaam Hoogendijk2015-02-10
2015-01-17The SGEMSGEM#103: Just Breathe - Inhaled Corticosteroids for Asthma ExacerbationsDaam Hoogendijk2015-02-10
2015-01-01BMJ podcastJanuary 2015's ADC highlightsDaam Hoogendijk2015-02-10
2014-12-04BMJ podcastGlobal child health: Are TB control programmes in South Asia ignoring children with disease?Daam Hoogendijk0000-00-00
2014-12-03BMJ podcastGlobal child health: Why kernicterus is still a major cause of death and disabilityDaam Hoogendijk2017-01-07
2014-12-02BMJ podcastGlobal child health: Sickle Cell disease in KenyaDaam Hoogendijk2015-01-07
2014-12-01BMJ podcastDecember 2014's Archimedes podcastDaam Hoogendijk2015-01-07
2014-12-01BMJ podcastDecember 2014's ADC highlightsDaam Hoogendijk2015-01-07
2014-11-20Nature PediapodSocial inequality and childhood healthDaam Hoogendijk2014-12-03
2014-11-01BMJ podcastNovember 2014's ADC highlightsDaam Hoogendijk2014-12-03
2014-11-01BMJ podcastNovember 2014's Archimedes podcastDaam Hoogendijk2014-12-03
2014-10-01BMJ podcastOctober 2014's Archimedes podcastDaam Hoogendijk2014-10-21
2014-09-25Nature PediapodA new way to understand SIDSDaam Hoogendijk2014-10-21
2014-09-19The SGEMSGEM#95: Paediatric FeverDaam Hoogendijk2014-10-21
2014-09-01BMJ podcastSeptember 2014's Archimedes podcastDaam Hoogendijk2014-10-21
2014-09-01BMJ podcastSeptember 2014's ADC highlightsDaam Hoogendijk2014-10-21
2014-08-01BMJ podcastAugust 2014's Archimedes podcastDaam Hoogendijk2014-08-10
2014-08-01BMJ podcastAntibiotic therapy for pneumoniaDaam Hoogendijk2014-08-10
2014-07-24Nature PediapodMalnutrition and cystic fibrosis in IndiaDaam Hoogendijk2014-08-10
2014-07-01PEM ED PodcastDexamethasone, the best steroid in asthma?Roel Bolt2014-08-08
2014-07-01BMJ podcastJuly 2014's Archimedes podcastDaam Hoogendijk2014-08-10
2014-07-01BMJ podcastJuly 2014's ADC highlightsDaam Hoogendijk2014-08-10
2014-06-02The SGEMSGEM#78: Sunny Days, Pediatric Pain ControlRoel Bolt2014-07-31
2014-06-01BMJ podcastJune 2014's ADC highlightsDaam Hoogendijk2014-08-10
2014-06-01BMJ podcastAetiology and management of malnutrition in HIV-positive childrenDaam Hoogendijk2014-08-10
2014-05-22Nature PediapodThe Bayley Scales: Measuring infant developmentDaam Hoogendijk2014-07-31
2014-05-01BMJ podcastMay's ADC highlightsDaam Hoogendijk2014-07-31
2014-04-16BMJ podcastMay 2014's Fetal and Neonatal highlightsDaam Hoogendijk2014-07-31
2014-04-08BMJ podcastGlobal child health: Screening and interventions for children with disabilitiesDaam Hoogendijk2014-07-31
2014-03-20Nature PediapodCatch-up growthDaam Hoogendijk2014-07-31
2012-08-22NICE podcastCG149 Antibiotics for early onset neonatal infection: Podcast with Dr Mark Turner, Consultant in Neonatology and chair of the guideline development group.Roel Bolt2014-07-31
2012-08-20PHARMRecognizing life threatening pediatric illnessesRoel Bolt2014-08-08